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To start with, Apple is renowned brands in telecom industry which is known for his top quality customer service support and feature rich products. Though it is expensive, we still buy those cut apple products. What may be the reason? The reason is it is one of the biggest brands and it has the best encryption softwares. They have launched top quality phones this year and likewise the other accessories also. If you have to consider the one, apple airpods reviews

Apple airpod

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Earlier, he used to give wired ear phones along with the box but now, they have come with one of the best one stop solution, wireless airpods. These airpods works on bluetooth and just gets connected to the phone with the wire. It is not only user friendly but also worth buying as these phones doesnt have 3.5mm jack you have to buy a wireless airpods. One of the best Marketing tactics every played by apple I reckon.


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It might cost you around 14,000 in india and might decrease if you buy it in other countries. It is again goes on ones passion towards buying the products. Apple products are always expensive and are worth paying the price if you’re an apple fan I would say. Some of the things are made as a base standard and are not violated at any cost. 


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You can watch a movie putting onto a charge and plug in those wireless airpods simultaneously. With the wired one, you can plug in while using the charger as there is only one port for both charging and listening the music. How bad? Yes, it is the worst thing that apple ever did in the recent past and that is the reason many of the core apple fans shifted to Samsung. Samsung on the other hand are making the best phones, which they call it as a flag ship phones. They are the competitors for Apple. To the fact that apple has only 6 percent of the market share in today’s scenario; Samsung is the sole reason. 

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